What is an irresistible freebie?

When I jump on a strategy call with all my clients to discuss their web design projects one of my questions is, “do you have an irresistible freebie So, today I figured I’d explain exactly what an irresistible freebie is! My job as a web designer is to create a beautiful but more importantly, a strategic website designed to turn visitors into clients and donors. There are a number of different tactics I use, such as ensuring there is a strong call to action on each page, building with the user experience in mind, ensuring information and imagery is laid out in an eye-appealing manner, and finally integrating email marketing.

Why do I include email marketing? 

Your website is not only designed to showcase your impact and services but to also get people onto your email list. Why? Because your email list allows you to continue the conversation with people who are interested in what you do beyond reading a blog post and leaving and then forgetting about you and never visiting your website again. Your email list allows you to continue the conversation beyond just your website and to build your know, like, and trust factor. And then eventually make offers to help your subscribers solve their problem.

What is an irresistible freebie?

Once people are on your website, besides getting them to take the first step with you in your sales process you also want to get them onto your email list. And how do you do that? With an irresistible freebie (opt-in) that does the following:
  • It’s actionable. You can take action and get results
  • It solves a problem or resolves a pain point
  • It makes the subscriber be the hero 
  • And it makes you wonder if you’re giving too much away for free

What could be an irresistible freebie?

Your freebie should be designed to attract your ideal client and make sure that the people who sign up want to be there. And it should also discourage the clients you don’t want to work with. You want it to make people go “wow”, this is an incredible resource, and get a taste of what they’ll get when they work with you.   Ideas include:
  • Tutorials
  • How to guides
  • Checklist
  • Toolkits
  • Sneak peeks
  • Coupons 
  • DIY done for your templates 
  • .pdf’s busting myths and conventional wisdom
  • Masterclasses
  • The first module of your course
Anything that gives immense value to your visitor and makes them be happy to be part of your email community. 

What if I don’t have an irresistible freebie or even do email marketing yet?

If you don’t have an irresistible freebie or email marketing, don’t worry. It’s easy and free to start. Here’s what I suggest. 

Sign up for an email marketing provider

Head on over to Mailerlite and sign up — you get up to 1,000 subscribers for free so it’s a great place to start. Mailerlite also allows you to set up automation which will be key once you get your irresistible freebie created. 

Create an irresistible freebie

Now it’s time to start thinking about what you can create that will offer your community immense value. If it’s a .pdf you’d like to create, head on over to Canva and use some of their design tools. If it’s a video, Loom is great to record your screen. 

Integrate the freebie onto your website

Once you have both of those pieces set up, it’s time to integrate your irresistible freebie onto your website. You’ll want to include a Mailerlite signup form on your website that adds subscribers to a group and in turn, will trigger an automation to send an email linking to your freebie.  Now, when someone comes to your website but isn’t quite ready to purchase yet, they hopefully will find tremendous interest in what your irresistible freebie is that they will sign up and be part of your email marketing list. There you can share valuable information and make offers that will help them solve their problems!  If you’re interested in seeing an irresistible freebie in action, I invite you to sign up for my free website audit with 8 ways to attract clients & donors.  And if you need help integrating your freebie onto your website, let’s chat. I’d love to help!  

Have a website to do list? Book me for the day!

Here’s what can typically be completed in just 1-2 VIP days:

  • Refresh the look of your WordPress website design.
  • Tackle your list of website issues that need to be fixed and updates that you’d like to be made.
  • Create a new website — (1-2) pages in WordPress or SquareSpace (3+ pages take 2 days)
  • Design a sales page—update, redesign, or create a new sales page for your offer that’s designed to both look amazing and make more sales! (longer pages take 2 days!)
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