Website Design for Accountants

A strategic website design for accountants is something that should not be overlooked when looking to run a profitable accounting business. At JennyB Designs, we recently completed such a project through our Exclusive Booking service.

A Strategic Website Design for Accountants

Charla, of A Cut Above Business Solutions, came to us for help establishing an online presence for her accounting business. Previously, she relied on word of mouth referrals to generate income in her business, but felt is was time she invested in a website in order to continue growing.

We created a visual brand for A Cut Above Business Solutions that encompassed the vision Charla had for her company. This included a logo, typography and colors that matched the mood of her brand. We then built a single-page website designed to send visitors to book a consultation call with Charla, streamlining her process.

Prior to her new website, she’d have to spent countless hours email back and forth about what she is able to offer and how to take the next step. Now, it’s all done on the backend and QUALIFIED High Paying inquiries come straight to her inbox saving her time and money.

Take a look at how beautiful this site turned out. Charla is proud to direct her clients here!

website design for accountants

Website Design for Accountants Done In A Day

This was all possible through my Exclusive Booking service. This service is great for those who aren’t quite ready to invest in a full website, but know a strategic online presence will up-level their business. This service provides our clients with a single-page website that they are proud of AND that attracts their ideal clients.

Check out a full website design for an accountant that we also completed here.

Is our Exclusive Booking service something your business needs? Book a call with us here to learn more.

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