Color Design Studio Website

We had the honor of collaborating with an amazing team of experts to bring a color design studio website to life!

The Color Concierge is a team of Colorado-based color consultants. Their work removes all the stress and decision fatigue of picking the right paint colors for your home. They really are a dream come true when it comes to home design!

A Strategic Color Design Studio Website

This website is the result of an amazing dream team. Karima Creative for the design, Black Diamond Copy for the writing, and Kari Geha for photography all played an essential role in portraying this company’s brand across their online presence.

The Color Concierge embarked on a journey for a new website that reflected the upscale services they provide. Additionally, they need a website that utilized strategic call-to-actions to encourage visitors to take the next step with them. They assembled what we have been referring to as the “dream team” because really, when you see these results, you’ll understand why!

While we did not do the design for this project, we handled the development of this website. This means that we were responsible for putting all of the design components from different team members together and turn this vision into a functioning website. The final product is one that we are oh-so-proud of!

Color Design Studio Website Before

The new design is a chic and modern update from their previous website, which paired with our development, has given The Color Concierge an exciting makeover.

Take a look at this before image of their site:

Color Design Studio Website

Now compare that to the new look we showed above – we are in awe at the incredible difference!

The Color Design Studio Website Dream Team

Thank you to this incredible team for bringing this amazing website to life:

Is your home in need of a refresh like the one we gave this website? We definitely recommend checking out The Color Concierge – they just may be the solution you had no idea you needed!

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