Example Real Estate Websites

As web designers, we have completed countless projects – many that serve as incredible example real estate websites for realtors looking to up-level their online presence.

Marston & Co. – A Great Example Real Estate Website

One project that comes to mind when I think of great example real estate websites that we have created is Marston & Co. Bethany has been an agent for some time and came to us in need of a website that would help her scale to another level of business.

We built her a website that reflects her passion for helping people navigate real estate, but also has a strategic design with the goal of making her money. We teamed up with Kate Hollis on this project, who wrote the conversion copy for the site.

Check out the completed project below – we are blown away at how beautiful this new site is, and are proud of the positive impact this site has had on her business.

Example Real Estate Websites

Rachel Stocker – A Personalized Example Real Estate Website

Rachel Stocker came to us wanting an online home that truly represented her and showcased her warm, welcoming personality. Prior to the website we created for her, she was just using her real estate company’s standard website that she had added her info to. She knew one of the best ways to change her game in the industry would be to have a unique site that portrayed her real estate style. I think we accurately achieved that! Look at how stunning this website has turned out.

Example Real Estate Websites

One More Example Real Estate Website

A final example real estate website designed by us is another favorite of ours – Larose Sells Homes. Kate came to me also looking for a personalized site that accurately represented her and her business style. Her husband was also in the process of joining her team, so what better time to craft a new website. We created a strategic website that drives customers to take the next steps with this dream real estate duo. Check out the results!

That’s a Wrap

Realtors are just one of the many individuals we love creating custom websites for. Combining strategic design with personality can really move mountains in your business. If you’re a realtor looking to improve your online presence, reach out to us – we’d be honored to be a part of that project!

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