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Copywriter Website Design

We recently completed and launched a beautiful new copywriter website design for our client, Kate Hollis. Kate is a conversion copywriter who offers a fresh perspective on two key drivers of buying behavior – neurodiversity and mental health. Kate came to us for a new website design because she felt her current one was in need of a strategic update, and she knew we would have the solution to create a website that effortlessly books clients for her and ultimately makes her money.

1. The Challenge of a Copywriter Website Design

Kate runs an incredibly valuable business, but she felt her website was not in alignment with her offerings or her personality. Kate’s previous website did not have updated branding that reflected her spunky and fun personality. Additionally, the copy was also outdated and wasn’t written about her focus on neurodiversity, which is a huge differentiator that sets her apart and makes her a desirable hire in the copywriting world. Being an integral part of her business, it was important she had a website that showcased this. Here’s a glimpse at what Kate’s website looked like prior to the new design.
Copywriter Website Design

2. The Solution for a Copywriter Website Design

We built Kate a fun, modern website that is simply incredible. We had so much fun completing this project, and are in awe at the results. The new copy was written our client, the amazing and one and only Kate Hollis. And the design was crafted by us here at JennyB Designs. We brought all of this work together in a website that speaks to Kate’s ideal clients and encourages them to take the next steps with her, all while showing them exactly who Kate is. It’s quirky, fun and strategic. Just like Kate. It also showcases her new quiz writing service and podcasting, two new pieces of her business that are sure to make an incredible impact on her audience. Here is a look at the finished product.
Copywriter Website Design

3. Learn about the results of a Copywriter Website Design

Upon completion of this project, Kate now has a beautiful, strategic new website that upleveled her online presence. Her new website effortlessly books clients for her, strategically guiding them to take the next steps with her by booking a discovery call. Since her website is integrated with other systems she uses for client management, all this is done without Kate needing to lift a finger. There’s a reason our websites are called money-making websites – they do just that for our clients, just as this new website will do for Kate.

4. Client Testimonial
I can’t believe that I’m seeing the results that I am seeing as quickly as I am seeing them. In just two weeks since our launch, I’ve signed a new client at my higher rates, she signed on the spot and specifically referenced my website. I also booked two speaking engagements and two podcast interviews. And I’m just overall showing up with more confidence knowing that this website is out in the world reflecting my brand who I am and what I do.  – Kate Hollis

5. Scope of Work

Kate was able to obtain this new website through our Signature Money Making Custom Design Package. With our custom packages, not only will we build your website for you. We can also work with you on other essential elements, just like we did with Kate. We can help you with brand identity, copywriting, and much more. If a new website is on your list of to-dos, book a call with us. We’d love to talk to you about what all is possible when it comes to your new online presence.  

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