Why people are leaving your website

You can see people are visiting your website but unfortunately, they’re not staying for very long. You thought you had created a brilliant site but now you feel stumped. Let’s look into the top reasons why people might be leaving your website.

Your site isn’t optimized for mobile

Your site should be responsive so it loads quickly and is easy to read across all devices. If it doesn’t, users are going to get frustrated and leave. To check if your site is mobile-friendly, use Google’s free mobile-friendly tool.

Your site loads slowly

Your website should load quickly across all devices to save people from moving on. When people are looking for products, services or answers they want them instantly. You can check your site’s speed using Google’s tool here. You should be aiming for a rating of A or B depending on your industry.

Your site is cluttered and has poor visuals

Is your website visually appealing? Not only does it need to convey who you are and what you do but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t need to win any design awards but it does need to look clean. Think about the use of negative space and whether you have too much text clumped together. Are the photos on your site professional and your own? It’s important to avoid using stock photos – people can spot them a mile off and it might make you come across as untrustworthy if you use them.

If you’re unsure of whether your site looks good then reach out to family and friends and ask for an honest opinion. Sometimes it’s hard for family and friends to be impartial, so joining some Facebook groups for your industry and asking those might be a good alternative.

Your site is difficult to navigate

There are thousands of websites on the internet. If you don’t make visitor’s lives easy once they arrive at your site then they will go elsewhere. Get a pen and paper out and write down where your website visitors land first, then start creating a funnel by writing down where you think they’ll go next and carry on until you get to the last page; the conversion page. Once you have drawn out your funnel, look at whether those pages are easy to find. Also, look at any pages not included on that funnel – do they need to be there? If they don’t, then delete them. Less is more.

Your website is reaching the incorrect audience

Let’s imagine you sell luxury cars. However, when people are searching for “second-hand cars near me”, your site is appearing. They see your website in the search results and click on it and your website isn’t what they were expecting to find. This would lead to visitors leaving your website quickly. From here you have two options: you could hire an SEO (search engine optimiser) to make sure you appear for more appropriate search terms or you could accept the results as anomalous.

Your copy is confusing

Is it clear from your website what you actually do, who you are and who you serve? Ask people to take a look at your website and time how long it takes them to work it out. They should instantly know as soon as they arrive at your site. If they don’t, you should look into overhauling your copy so your brand messaging is clear and concise. When putting together your site copy make sure you avoid jargon and confusing language (even if you’re a more corporate business).

Hopefully, you’ve now you’ve got a clear idea of why people are leaving your website. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start in getting it fixed then take a look at my homepage here.

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