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John Mateus of Mateus Law in Woburn was in need of something new and exciting. His 10-year-old website was not accurately reflecting the high quality legal services that he offered. With a recent victory on Japenese Knotwood, a concentration in his practice, it was time for a website redesign.

I worked with John to create a brand identity and website design that accurately showcased his services and his three concentrations of Japenese Knotwood Practice, Appeals, and General Practice. We started by choosing a color palette and fonts that would be attractive and eye-catching, but also professional and appropriate.

I then took the time to carefully craft the design of the website so that it was both informative and easy to navigate. I wanted to ensure that visitors to the site were presented with all the necessary information about John’s services, while also being visually appealing.

The Final Results of a Legal Website Redesign Project

John was thrilled with the end result of our project. His website clearly and concisely showcases his services and concentrations, and the design is inviting and professional. He now has an online space that accurately reflects his high quality services and is sure to drive people to make a consultation call with him.

“Before working with JennyB Designs, I wasn’t happy with my website. But now, after the process, I’m absolutely thrilled with the beautiful new look! The clarity and speed of the process was really impressive too, and I’m confident that it will have a positive impact on my business.”

John Mateus, Mateus Law

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