Launching a New Website That Reflects Rapid Growth for a College Advising Company

I’m thrilled to share an exciting website launch – the new online home of College Bound Advising! As CBA experienced rapid expansion, we collaborated to create a website that represented their growth and exceptional programs.

About College Bound Advising

CBA provides tailored guidance to help students find and get accepted to their best-fit colleges. From their distinctive approach to selecting schools to walkthroughs of the application process and beyond, CBA is committed to each student’s success.

CBA came to me knowing that their existing website no longer reflected their identity or student offerings as their business scaled. They needed a new site to showcase their programs while supporting further growth.

Bringing a Growing Brand to Life Online

Working closely with CBA, we designed and developed a completely new website from the ground up. My goal was crafting a site as unique as their one-on-one methods.

I mapped out an intuitive site architecture and user flow based on their programs and ideal client journey. We decided to use the grade levels to guide visitors experience. Visitors progress logically, from 9th grade to 12th grade, from learning about CBA to program details through to contacting for next steps.

Thoughtful copywriting was crafted by the team to reflect CBA’s voice while highlighting their offerings.

Results: A Website Supporting Continued Growth

CBA now has a website that represents who they are and what they provide – with room to easily add new programs. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the site captures CBA’s commitment to empowering student success.

The new website for College Bound Advising achieved their goals of conveying their unique approach and offerings while scaling for growth.

Most importantly, CBA loves their new site! The entire process was collaborative and fun. I’m grateful to have worked with such a wonderful team.

Key Takeaways

For service businesses experiencing growth, an outdated website can hold you back. Partnering with a designer to create an aligned site allows you to keep thriving online.

Let’s chat if a new website could help you continue growing! I’d love to learn more about your brand and goals.

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