Unpopular Website Design Advice: 3 Unexpected Insights


Feeling overwhelmed by website design advice? After 20 years crafting sites, I’ve formed some unpopular opinions that contradict mainstream tips. Get cozy and let’s chat! I’m excited to share my unexpected website insights with you, friend. These unorthodox views just might change your thinking and help you thrive online.

Platform Doesn’t Matter

Many of my DIYers feel overwhelmed comparing platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Showit, etc. They often ask – which one is the absolute best for my site?

My advice? Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis trying to pick the “optimal” platform. Instead, focus on which one you can easily use and maintain based on your abilities. The best platform is the one that empowers YOU to manage your site long-term. One that matches your technical comfort level. One with features that fit your business needs.

SEO Isn’t Everything

Many people think just having a technically optimized site means the leads will pour in. Wish it were that easy! You still need to market yourself. Beautiful, human-centered design is so valuable too. A site that resonates with your personality and makes visitors linger. And don’t forget the power of compelling copy! Words that reach out and connect on an emotional level. Strike a balance between SEO, design, and messaging. Cover all three bases for website success.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming you need to jam every possible option and page into your site. But more isn’t always better! An overloaded, confusing site actually hurts your goal – to connect with visitors and guide them to convert. So resist the temptation to add every bell, whistle, and kitchen sink! Carefully curate your site to deliver maximum value to users. Quality content and features beat quantity.


There you have it – my unpopular opinions on what makes for truly effective website design. Let me know which hot takes you agree or disagree with! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these outside-the-box views. Until next time!

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