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Get Your Website Beach Ready This Summer!

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and summer is officially here! While the warm months bring visions of sandy beaches, cold drinks and plenty of relaxation, is your mind still stuck on work mode? Wondering how you’ll juggle running your business while also enjoying some much-needed summer fun? Especially here in New England. This is the season we live for!

What if I told you it’s possible to have the best of both worlds? You can absolutely take that sun-soaked vacation, spend quality time with the kids, and hit the pool or beach as often as you’d like – all while your website steadily captures leads and makes sales on autopilot. Ready? Let’s go!

Creating a Self-Sufficient Lead Machine

The number one factor allowing you to kick back with zero business worries is an optimized lead capture system. We want your website essentially acting as a 24/7 sales rep, automatically booking new prospects onto your calendar while you’re out living your best summer life. Here’s how we’ll set that up:

First way is that you can integrate some type of client management system onto your website. I personally use HoneyBook, but other fantastic options include Dubsado, 17 Hats, Moxie, and more. These CRM tools allow you to connect your website’s lead forms directly to your website.

So when a potential new client fills out the contact form, they’ll instantly receive a thank you message with a link to schedule an introductory call on your calendar at a time that works for them. No more endless back-and-forth emails trying to coordinate – your new client selects their preferred availability and you’ll automatically get notified of the new appointment. It’s lead capturing made easy!

However, if you’re not ready to invest in an all-in-one system just yet, we can still create efficiencies using templates and workflow automation tools like Zapier or Make.

For example, you can set up email templates that automatically go out whenever a new lead form is submitted through your site. Instantly provide the prospect with next steps like Calendly links or Google calendar so they can directly book a call without all the back-and-forth. While not quite as streamlined as a full CRM integration, templated responses and scheduling links still deliver an excellent experience.

Prepping for a Hands-Off Summer

Once your lead capturing machine is working, t’s time to cross a few other tasks off the list to ensure your website requires zero manual intervention this summer:

  • Go through your website content ensuring the copy, imagery, and messaging accurately reflect your current offerings and branding. We want everything looking and sounding fresh! Make sure your navigation is streamlined with clear labels and calls-to-action guiding visitors naturally through your sales process.
  • Review your lead magnets and opt-in forms, making certain they are well-positioned and the behind-the-scenes tech (like email list integrations) is functioning properly. You’ll want to capture as many email addresses as possible while your website does the heavy lifting.
  • Check that your website domain and hosting package are set to auto-renew and your site is being routinely backed up. You don’t want any lapses in service while you’re enjoying the sunshine. Speaking of, set up external website monitoring so you’ll get instantly notified if anything goes down.
  • Finally, batch out all your marketing content like email newsletters and social media posts in advance. Use scheduling tools to have a constant stream of fresh content deploying while you’re relaxing in the sand.

With all those boxes checked, you’re officially ready to enjoy your time out of office knowing your website has your back, 24/7! If you’re considering a website design project, get in touch with me today and let’s discuss how I can help you create a website that reflects your brand and drives customers to you.

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Photo of Jenny standing. Behind her is a table with a plant and a book, and an open shelf.

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