College Application Resource for Moms Website Design

1. The Challenge of a College Application Resource for Moms Website Design

College Talk for Moms is the ultimate college resource for moms who have children prepping to apply for and attend college. Eydie offers parent coaching, speaking and events to guide you through the college application process and beyond. An independent college counselor and moms of three, she teaches how to meet your child where they’re at and take a family approach to the process as a way to make this a fun, smooth effort.

Eydie came to us for an updated website. Her current one did not reflect her upscale services and did not use strategic call to actions, thus impacting her ability to make money with her website. She knew with the right website she could book more clients effortlessly, so she called in our help.

Here is a look at College Talk for Moms previous website:

College Application Resource for Moms

2. The Solution

We teamed up with Stephanie Audette Design to give this website a complete makeover. Stephanie Audette Design created the new brand for College Talk for Moms, and we built a website that encompassed that new look and feel.

Additionally, we implemented a strategic design that reflected the upscale offering that Eydie presents. The strategic call to actions we placed throughout the site now allow visitors to easily take the next step with Eydie to gain her support as their children navigate the college application process.

3. The Results

The new design is beautiful and strategic, and one that will increase conversion of College Talk for Mom’s website.

Additionally, Eydie’s backend work will be lessened as we integrated her systems into the website. She can now book clients without lifting a finger – even as she sleeps!

Check out this stunning new design:

College Application Resource for Moms

4. Scope of work

This project was made possible by our Signature Money Making Custom Design Package. With this service, we create beautiful, strategic websites built uniquely for our clients’ businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can uplevel your online presence, book a call with us and we can chat.

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