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6 Benefits of a Copywriter and Website Designer Working Together

Contributed by Emily Aborn, content copywriter for creative women entrepreneurs

Collaboration achieves a cohesive and powerful brand

What do you get when you combine a copywriter and website designer working together on your brand? A dynamic duo that’ll ensure you have a beautiful website and a powerful, unified brand. One of the many benefits of a copywriter and website designer collaborating is that they can help ensure a better user experience from the visuals to the words on the page. I’ve had copywriting clients come to me for a new website, saying they don’t have a website designer yet, and they’re thinking of doing it themselves. (insert cringey emoji here) I’ve also heard from website designers that they’re clients are on the fence and questioning, “Do I really need a website copywriter or can I just write it myself?” Even if you’re a great writer, and maybe know your way around WordPress enough to be dangerous, it’s important to keep in mind that a website is more than just words and pretty pictures, its an art and a science.

Websites have a flow.

It’s important for a website to be tailored to who the buyer is, and take into consideration their purchasing habits. Your site should clearly guide people every step of the way, and lead them back to the solution they need – YOU! Since we both get asked if you really need a website designer and a copywriter, we (Jenny Belanger, the website designer, and me, the copywriter) teamed up to share with you six benefits of a copywriter and website designer working in tandem to bring your brand and vision to life.

With a copywriter and website designer working together for YOU, your website will: 

  • Share your brand story in a cohesive way
  • Attract your ideal clients through messaging and branding
  • Provide a seamless customer experience
  • Come together more quickly with less headache as you won’t be the one managing deadlines and timelines
  • Cost you less – it’s always less expensive to do it right the first time! 
  1. A unified brand voice 
When a copywriter and website designer are working together, we bring to life a powerful, unified, brand voice across your website (and beyond!). Who you want to work can shine through on your website both through content and fabulous branding. As professionals, we work together to help determine how your brand sounds, looks, and feels, and establish guidelines so you can advocate for your brand for years to come!
  1. User-friendly content and design go hand in hand  
A successful website takes engaging content and couples it with a user-friendly design. A copywriter knows the words to use to guide people through the site and introduce them to your products and services, and a website designer knows how to put these words in exactly the right spot to highlight your message and brings elements to life. Together, the content is presented in a visually appealing way and users can easily make their way around your site, and they’ll want to hang out on it longer.
  1. Well-crafted copy and intuitive design turn visitors into leads 
Once you effectively communicate your value, you have to encourage your website visitors to take action! A copywriter helps your buyers understand your products and services, and a website designer gives them the tools and visual cues they need to make purchases and fill out contact forms. Together, this results in more leads and higher conversion rates.
  1. SEO optimization 
With an SEO optimized website, your message goes further, faster. Your website can be working for you while you sleep! Incorporating SEO keywords into the copy is important for driving traffic to your site through search engines. There are lots of best practices, nuances, and factors to consider (it’s not just about stuffing keywords in here, there, and everywhere). A copywriter handles the wordsmithing and keywords, and a website designer ensures that the backend is set up right to lead to increased organic traffic and exposure.
  1. It saves you time (and headache) 
Website designers and copywriters speak the same language. We save you time and effort by collaborating with one another, managing every step of the project timeline, and working efficiently and effectively so your project stays on track. Our goal is for YOU to be satisfied and walk away with a stellar website that you’re proud of, and we’re committed to you and bringing a level of professionalism and quality to the table that’s second-to-none. All while you focus on staying in your genius zone and doing what you love in your business!
  1. You know exactly who to call (and so do we!) 
One of the big benefits of a copywriter and website designer coming together and collaborating on your website is that we develop a long-term partnership. A well-maintained website requires updates down the road and improvements, and as we get to know you in working with you, we can be relied on for more high-quality content and design whenever you need it! These are just some of the benefits of a copywriter and website designer working together to bring YOUR brand to life. We’d love to be the dream team behind your project to ensure your clients and customers get the best experience possible and you have a site you’re proud of. Ready to take action and design a website that looks and feels like you, attracts your ideal clients and makes you money? Then let’s schedule some time to chat.  
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About the Guest Contributor Emily Aborn is a Content Copywriter, Podcast Host, and Founder of She Built This. She’s been an entrepreneur since 2014 and has experience in running brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. She’s worked with over 96 different industries in marketing, and loves helping business owners increase their visibility, connect with clients, and bring their dreams and visions to life. For fun, Emily enjoys nerdy word games and puzzles, reading, listening to podcasts like they’re going outta’ style, and tromping about in the woods with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Clyde.  
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