What to look for when you hire a web designer

Ready to hire a web designer? Who you pick to build out your vision will make all the difference, from how smoothly the process goes to the result of a website that books you clients and makes you money.

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Are you ready to hire a web designer? Designing a new website can be a dream come true or a total nightmare. 

Who you pick to build out your vision will make all the difference, from how smoothly the process goes to the result of a website that books you clients and makes you money.

I want to share with you 8 important things to think about before you hire a web designer. That way you know what you’re jumping into and will ensure you’ll get the website of your dreams — and have fun making it. Because if it’s not fun, we aren’t going to do it well. 

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Dive into their website

How do you feel when you land on their website? Is there a vibe? Does their site capture your attention and give you a sense of who they are and what they deliver? Every designer has a different style. And that’s okay. We all have different tastes. But when you land on their website, you should get a sense of who that person is and what makes them unique. 

Take a look at their portfolio. Most designers (myself included) share projects they are passionate about and that represent their ideal client.  So if you could see yourself in their portfolio, (meaning you like the vibe and style) you know it’s a good fit. 

2. Check out their social media presence

I think that it’s so important to hire a web designer whose personality works with yours. And social media is a great way to learn this. 

Check out their Instagram. Do they post stories? Can you see their face and hear their voice? What about reels? Are they fun? Serious? Lighthearted? Helpful? Do they offer value to their audience? Are there supportive comments? Do they respond to comments?

Do your research and see how you feel after “meeting” them virtually.

3. Do they ask about your business goals on the discovery call?

In order to build a strategic website (one that works for you 24/7 bringing in leads and making money), you need to be clear on your business goals and your customer journey. Building a website isn’t just about putting pretty pictures and copy onto the screen. It takes a lot more planning including learning how your customer will get into your sales process and what calls-to-action need to be placed where in order to make this happen.

A good designer will ask about your business goals and the goal of your website right from the start. That way, they know exactly how to help you design a website that will work for you, not just look pretty. Although, looking pretty is always a nice added bonus. Here is what my discovery process looks like.

4. What does their process look like?

On their website (or at the very least on the discovery call) your potential designer needs to share with you their process. It should be easy to understand and uncomplicated. This will be a giveaway if someone is a newbie or knows what to do and how to do it best.

I’ve spent years perfecting my process. Simplify and systematize. That’s what helps both myself and my clients build successful, money-making sites. And it’s important to know when milestones will occur so that you can ensure you will launch on time.

5. Do they have recent references?

Social proof (testimonials) on a website is one thing. But chatting with a recent client is another. Ask if they could share a reference or two and reach out to them.

Ask how it was working with the potential designer and if the project went smoothly. This will give you a sense of how it might work with you. 

6. When can they start?

Amazing designers book out. Usually a month or two in advance. So if someone can take your project on tomorrow, that might be a red flag. 

7. Do they offer ongoing care?

It’s one thing to hire a web designer to build your online presence, but it’s another to find a true partner when it comes to your website. Some designers build your site and then never want anything else to do with you.

Great designers know that clients want a true partner. Someone who can bring their online vision to life but then can also be there in the future to help implement ideas and care for their site. 

Websites aren’t set and forget it. Things always need to be updated, cared for, and caressed. 

And please find out if they will train you on your new site so you’re capable of using it. I always do a training and launch call at the end of the project. And I record personalized tutorials for future reference.

You want a designer who offers a true partnership. 

8. Find out about revisions and edits

When you are presented with a draft version of your site, what happens then? What if you don’t love it or want to see changes? That’s when edits and revision come in.

But how many edits do you get? The normal number of rounds is 2 – 3. I provide all my clients with 2. Typically, in the first round, there are a fair amount of design changes and then the second is those finishing touches.

Then, if they’d like to continue, we do the edits at my hourly rate. Be sure to find out your designer’s hourly rate in that case.  The typical hourly rate is $75-$150.

Final Thoughts When You Hire Web Designer

You just learned about 8 important things to consider when hiring your next web designer. 

My final thought would be, pick someone you truly feel would be the right fit. You’ll know the designer when you meet them.

Are you ready to outsource some web design help? I’d love to help you with that. I work with coaches and service providers who are ready to uplevel their online presence. I want to help you ditch the website overwhelm and get a gorgeous, new website that books clients and makes you money, stress-free! 

You can learn more about my Money-Making Website Method here and I’d love to be friends on the ‘gram here. 

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