Here are 12 web design dos and don’ts that can make a huge difference in whether you can turn your visitors into clients or donors.

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DO have a concise introduction on the homepage.

Make sure it’s immediately clear what your business does or what your impact is as a nonprofit.

DON’T add too many links to your primary navigation.

Decision fatigue is real. If you give visitors too many options in the navigation, they’re less likely to choose any of them. Aim for 5 or less.

DO have a call to action on every page.

If you want website visitors to take action, you have to tell them. Attention span online is short, so tell visitors what you want them to do next to keep them clicking.

DON’T make it hard to get in touch

A contact button should be easily seen from every page. People usually look for a contact link on the right-hand side in the main navigation bar. You can also add it to the footer. 

DO use scannable content.

People love to skim. Use catchy headlines and subheadings. Consider bulleted lists. And make sure the answers (or where to find the answers) to your visitor’s biggest questions are easy to find.

DON’T forget about mobile users.

Over 80% of users will look at your website from a mobile device. Check that your website is easy to read from any kind of device. A site that doesn’t work properly on all devices will make people leave immediately.

DO include testimonials.

Social proof is external validation from a client or donor that your product or service is worth their investment. To put it simply—testimonials build trust. And trust is an essential factor in the purchasing decision of your potential clients & donors.

DON’T use a video that auto-plays with sound.

Video is powerful but auto-playing with sound can be a bit jolting to the visitor. It’s ok to auto-play video, just give users control over the sound.

DO show and tell your unique story.

Websites need to be a mix of copy and photos. Strong imagery and messaging create trust and authenticity – the two most important factors for turning visitors into clients and donors.

DON’T clutter your website with too much information.

Remember, you have less than 15 seconds to make an impression. Less is more. Find the few key messages that really make an impact. Don’t try to cover every piece of information anyone may need. You can elaborate once someone contacts you.

DO make sure your website is secure.

Your website needs an SSL certificate so it shows as ‘https’ and not ‘http’. The SSL certificate encrypts customer data, sensitive information, payment details, etc and keeps it protected during transfer. But it also enhances your google rankings and allows your donors and clients to see you as a professional brand.

DON’T forget about website maintenance.

Make sure that your site is always up to date with the latest version of plugins and themes to avoid being vulnerable to hacks. And regularly check your sign-up forms and links. It would be so sad to not get a potential client or donor’s message due to a broken form.

How did you score?

Well, how did you do on my website dos and don’ts list? 

Think you may need help getting your website updated with a few more do’s, then get in touch!

I am a web designer for small businesses, solopreneurs, and nonprofits. Like you, I find myself with only so many hours in a day to get things done. Website design, marketing and tech tools are my thing and I am truly passionate about helping you get the best results without all the tech overwhelm. Let’s chat and see how I can help you. 

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Hi, I'm Jenny!

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses build websites that communicate and connect with your visitors and attract your ideal client.

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