One of my most favorite things is finding tech tools that make your life easier. This one makes it easier for you to thank your supports in a personal and fun way. And it makes you stand out from the pack. Want to learn more? Let’s go!

During this work from home culture, there is a need for empathy and connection now more than ever. And if you can be one of the people who reach out, it’s going to make a big impact. Thinking about donor stewardship, we are all taught the importance of thanking donors with a call immediately after their donation. But in today’s world, donors are giving online, and sometimes phone numbers aren’t readily available.

What if you could send a personalized video message directly to your donor thanking them immediately after their donation? Enter Bonjoro.

Bonjoro Makes Personal Video Easy

By sending a personal video to a donor you signal to them that they are more than just a number. And when donors feel appreciate they give more.

Now you’re thinking this sounds difficult. It’s not, I promise.

The web interface is easy to use and you can record an engaging video from your desktop web recorder or the mobile app. You can add your own branding, call-to-actions, and easily measure the effectiveness of your efforts by tracking opens, views, and click-throughs.

Ways You Can Use Video:

  • Donation Thank You Video
  • New Volunteer Sign Up
  • New Email Newsletter Subscriber
  • Donation Updates — if someone donated to a specific project (i.e. build a new building) you can send updates on the status of the project.
  • Major Donor TouchPoints — Schedule a few times a year to reach out to your major donors with a check-in.
  • Re-engagement — go through your email list to see who hasn’t opened an email in a while and just send a video checking in.
  • Board Member Thank You

But here’s the best part. The integrations. You can connect your Bonjoro account with other powerful web services. 

Here are a few integration examples:

  • Receive a notification every time you get a new subscriber to your email list and send them a welcome video.
  • Receive a notification every time you get a new donation through your CRM or from your payment platform.
  • Receive a notification every time there is a new contact in your CRM.

Video Best Practices

Worried about actually making the video? You have one objective, be authentic. And have fun with it. Here are some best practices:

  • Be authentic.
  • Doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Fun and personal.
  • Send between 1- 4 hours after a donation for best return and at least within 1 day.
  • Video length should be 30 seconds — 1 minute.
  • If this is a donor thank you, explain what their donation will do.

And when your video is opened by the recipient they have the opportunity to send a response. This opens the lines of communication between you and your supporters.

Make Your Organization Stand Out From The Crowd

Just by going this extra step, your organization will stand out from the crowd and bring back that personal touch to nonprofit communications. Give it a try. I bet the feedback will be awesome.

If you need help setting up Bonjoro or putting any of the integrations into place please reach out. 

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