Our Favorite Things

Here’s a list of some of our favorite tools we use every day and love! They truly make our world turn. I am sharing with you in hopes one of them will be able to make your lives a bit easier. 

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Website Hosting & Domain Registrar

ICDsoft is my go-to’s for WordPress hosting. For domain registration it’s Namecheap all the way.

If you’re into an all in one, builder and hosting solution, Showit is def for you!

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Client Relationship Manager

I love HoneyBook. This is how I manage my client relationships and where I schedule discovery calls, submit proposals, sign contracts, accept payments, process invoices and communicate with clients. I can also organize all my workflows and automate where possible. There are a bunch of client management options out there but I find Honeybook the easiest to use and the most intuitive. Get $1/month for 8 months with my link. 

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Email Marketing

I recommend Mailerlite. You can have up to 1000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails a month for FREE. Emails are easy to set up with a drag-and-drop editor, photo editing, and they are mobile friendly. One of the biggest benefits is that Mailerlite allows you to set up multi-email automations even on their free plan. The second option if you’re scaling is ConvertKit. 

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Legal Docs

For website privacy policies and terms & conditions, Termageddon is a great option to get policies at an affordable cost that stay up to date with the laws. I also recommend In the Know Legal  for customized legal contracts. They specialize in contracts for coaches and online service providers. 

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Quickbooks online is where I go for accounting needs. I can invoice clients, set up recurring invoices and accept payments all through here. Plus, QB integrates with Honeybook. 

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WordPress Design

I recently transitioned to using Elementor as my page builder and couldn’t be happier. I’m really big on empowering my clients to be able to update their websites themselves—and Elementor makes it super easy to do it! With this tool you can see your design updates in real life and can check responsive mode with a click of the mouse. It’s a great addition to any website. 


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Graphic Design & Social Images

Canva is where I do all my graphic design. It makes creating website or social graphics so easy — and fun. Canva is free and the Pro Plan (which I use) costs $12.95/month. The Pro plan is free to qualified nonprofits.

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Online Scheduling

Calendly is my go to for this.  Super easy to use and the free version is sufficient for most people with 1 calendar.

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Visual Organizational Tool

One of my newest finds is Milanote. Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.  I just it to track inspiration sites, design my wireframes and just keep myself organizing in a fun, fresh way. I encourage you to check it out!


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Data Management & Forms

One of my most favorite tools is AirTable. It’s a hybrid of a spreadsheet and database. One of the best features is the views option. You can see your data in a spreadsheet, gallery or calendar view. Plus, there is a forms option you can embed on your website and will populate your database with submissions.


As a business owner, it is important to me to connect with other like-minded individuals. Boston Business Women has not only made this possible but has also made it an incredible experience. I am so thankful for the connections and friendships that have been made as a result of this powerful organization.

Networking Group

Like Minded Collective is a social community that I belong to where I can participate in creative brainstorms, promote my business, build clientele, and attend weekly masterminds. I have met so many other amazing individuals in this group! 


Ritual’s Essential for Women is my favorite multi-vitamin. As a woman-founded company, Ritual believes in creating products that are simple, clean and backed by science. I start every single day with one of these to ensure I am getting all of the daily essentials.

Electrolyte Drink

LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix that focuses on replenishing sodium, potassium and magnesium levels in your body to promote optimal health. This drink comes in a variety of delicious flavors and is easy to prepare. I love keeping these drinks handy for essential hydration!

Course and Downloads Platform

Podia has everything there is to offer when it comes to selling courses, webinars and downloads. Podia was designed for creators, allowing them to have all of the essential functions within one platform. It is hands-down one of my favorite platforms. 

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Project Management

Notion is a project management tool I have been using in my business and have absolutely been loving! It is a great way to not only organize projects, but also every aspect of my business – all while keeping my team in the loop so that my business runs smoothly and efficiently. 


Website Performance Plugin

WP Rocket is a performance plugin that enables 80% of web performance good practices automatically. As a web designer, I know how many different factors can affect a website’s speed. With WP Rocket, you can boost your website significantly with minimal effort. 

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Social Media Management

Later makes it so easy for me to keep up with my social media – I can schedule all of my content, so that it automatically posts when I want it to. This tool really helps me batch all of my content at one time to allow me to work as efficiently as possible. 


Business Banking

Managing finances in your business does not need to be overwhelming. Novo allows business banking to be simple and powerful. Novo gives us a compelling banking experience and we know that we can trust them with managing our money.

Networking Group

The Dames is an incredible networking group that has allowed up to build many valuable business relationships. This group offers the resources, content and connections to help you grow, learn and deepen the impact you make in the world.


Please note: Some of the links are affiliate links. By clicking the link and making a purchase, you won’t pay anymore, and I may receive a percentage of the sale. I only recommend tools that I use, love, and believe to be of value.


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