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A Brand New Website in Just One Day!?

Yes please!


We've all heard stories and I bet yours IS the same.

  • I hired a designer and it took them months to finish. And I wasn't even happy with the finished product.​
  • I tried to DIY my site and it didn't turn out how I envisioned. I gave up and am ashamed of my website.
  • My website no longer matches me or my business but I don't know the first place to start fixing.
  • I've got a laundry list of updates to do but don't have the time or desire to figure out how to do them.


I know. It's sounds too good to be true. But it can be done.



Let’s spend the day together and get things done!


Projects that can typically be completed in just 1-2 VIP days:

  • Create a new (from scratch) website — approximately 3 pages in WordPress.
  • Refresh the look of your WordPress website design.
  • Move your old website from an outdated platform to WordPress.
  • Tackle your list of website issues that need to be fixed and updates that you’d like to be made.


  • A pre-VIP strategy call where we will map out every single step of what will be accomplished during our time together. I will hold you accountable and keep you on track so you walk away from the call feeling total clarity, organized, energized and ready to go.
  • Access to my planning materials including a workbook and client portal so that we both have everything we need all in one place.
  • 30 days of follow-up email support for when you have a question pop up, need me to walk you through making a quick update, or even record a video for you so you can repeat an update or process yourself with ease. My goal is to have you feeling confident in making simple updates on your own going forward.

Yes I'm Ready for VIP

What Others Say

  • “If you are looking for help on your website or social media I strongly suggest Jenny. When you work with Jenny, that is how it feels, you are working together, and the success of your business and website matter to her. She’s timely and is highly professional but for me what makes her unique is that you feel like she’s part of your company, that your success matters to her and that is huge when you’re an entrepreneur and out there taking risks to create the business of your dreams.”

    – Liz Simmons of Strength & Grace
  • I can’t begin to tell you what a great experience this has been working with you as you have so respectfully and patiently given our brand new life and given us a new canvas for interactive visitors. You are thorough, answer every single question and update every little detail with accuracy and a great instinct for the balance of information and visual pleasure.


    – Megan Donovan of Lovelane
  • Unfortunately, I was rushed to migrate and redesign my website recently. Not having the time or energy, a friend recommended Jenny. I had very high standards for what my website redesign needed to be and what it needed to look like. Afterall, I am a graphic designer and had designed my original website. Jenny was quick and responsive to understanding my needs and in executing the redesign my website. Needless to say, the entire process was incredibly smooth and easy. Thank you, Jenny!

    -Irene Chu of Irene Chu Designs

Hello there!

I’m Jenny, your new website designer.

I’ve been designing for over a decade. I’ve helped countless nonprofits & small businesses with their websites and social media accounts. My goal is to simplify the process allowing businesses owners to shine and spend their time doing what they’re good at. There’s no better feeling than a happy and satisfied client!


1. Pick a day

Choose a day that works for you. But be sure to pick a day that you will be virtually available to provide feedback quickly so I can move through your project. Make sure you give yourself time to do any prep work before your VIP day. (I recommend at least 2 weeks). 

2. Get Started

Once you book a day you will receive an email from me with access to your VIP portal and you can begin working on your VIP workbook. This pre-work will ensure I have everything I need to get working on your day. 

3. Strategy Call

About a week before your One Day VIP we’ll have a 30 minute strategy call to review the list of items you want done for the day.


We’ll make it happen! It’s the time to get through your to-do list. During the day I will be in contact with you through email asking for your feedback and updating you on my status. While we do need to be in communication throughout the day, phone calls or video chats eat up too much time. I can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time if I’m not distracted, so email or messaging is the best form of communication.

After your One Day VIP

You’ll get 30 days to email me with any questions about the work I have completed for you. If you find things confusing, or get stuck somewhere about anything related to the work that we accomplished, you’ll be able to request feedback and instruction, as well as personalized walk-thru video demos, if needed.


Wondering What The Benefit Of A One Day VIP is?

Not only will you have all your work done in one day — you’ll have my full and undivided attention. One Day VIP sessions allow me to focus on one project at a time These intensives allow me to do one project at a time, which is highly efficient as I’m not jumping back and forth between projects and losing momentum. I can focus and get things done.


  • No weekly phone meetings that you have to make time for since we're not doing things the traditional way.
  • Your project won't drag on for months on end since you have my focused attention for an entire day.
  • And in most cases a site built in a One Day VIP will be less expensive since we're not doing things the typical way.

One Day VIP- $2,000

ONe day VIP Days are from 8am-2pm EST and include:

30 Minute Kick Off Strategy Call
A Full VIP Day Getting Your Project Done
30 Day Post VIP Support
Access to Preparation Materials and Client Portal

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