How to do a content refresh and why it’s important for your organization {FREE TEMPLATE}

As we know, internet usage is at an all-time high. And a businesse’s web presence is now more important than ever. Many times the content that was relevant when you designed your site has become outdated or even worse, no longer helpful. Regular updates to your online home ensure your content continues to match your audiences’ expectations. And it helps your business grow. {Jump to the template}

Why is a website content refresh important?

The content on your site tells your story. It’s important to ensure it is accurate and up to date. Updated user experience leads to more visits to your site and improves conversions for website goals that matter most. (i.e. consultation calls, membership or course purchases, donations or sponsorships, or inquiries. Assisting from better assisting your community, improved content can also increase your ranking in search engines.

Nonprofit Website Content Refresh

Where to start

The first step is to perform a content audit. When was the last time you grabbed a quiet cup of coffee and truly took a close look at your site? Does it still reflect your organization’s mission? Think about recent changes in your organization, resources, programs, and audience. What pages on your site are affected? Your adjustments could be small — as in a program eligibility has changed or you could have a new service offering. Or it could be far-reaching changes, like a mission or values pivot.


Start with the pages that have the potential to bring the most benefit or cause the most damage in their current states. Most likely home page, about us, what we do, contact page.

From there look towards your analytics for guidance. Page with high bounce rates, high exit rates, decreasing page views.


  1. Contact info:
    • Check your address, telephone number, and test that contact forms are in working order.
    • Staff + board names and bios are current.
  2. Copyright at the bottom of your site displays the current year.
  3. Call-To-Actions:
    • Make sure you have a variety of relevant and action-inspiring CTA’s on every page. Can it be clarified or strengthened?
    • Check that they are well-designed and placed where visitors can easily see them.
  4. Photos:
    • Refresh with new program photos if possible
    • Review staff and board photos
    • Optimize your images but ensuring you’re using alt-text and compression
    • Need photo tips? Check out this post for some tips. 
  5. Testimonials:
    • Review what is currently on your site and take this opportunity to reach out to a few current clients for additional testimonials
  6. SEO: update the meta descriptions to get more clicks from organic search
  7. Page Text:
    • Does the tone of the page speak to its target audience?
    • Consider using headers and lists when possible
    • Make sure word count is between 350-600 per page, Google rewards for a minimum of 350, and anything over 600 might be too in-depth for your audience.
    • What new resources can you include?

What to Avoid

  1. Your content should always create value for your community. Don’t add more words to your content for the sake of adding words.
  2. Avoid changing the URL unless absolutely necessary. It resets all of your current engagement and you risk the 301 redirects.

Ready to take action? Plus a free template to help you!

If you’re ready for the refresh I’ve created a nifty and easy-to-use AirTable to help you. Pencil in some quiet time, grab your coffee, and get to work in my template to keep track of the website content updates you’d like to accomplish. Starting with a list first will make the task much less daunting. And then when you’re ready to make the updates my AirTable will help you stay organized.

Never used AirTable before? It’s an amazing FREE resource. Once you get to the AirTable template click “Copy Base” in the upper right-hand corner and it will be added to your account or you will be prompted to open a free account. It’s similar to an excel workbook but MUCH better.

Want a little more help?

Watch my 2-minute tutorial below on how to best use this template.

Let’s make it fun. And if you have any questions, please just reach out. I know you can do this!

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