6 Reasons why I use (and love) Elementor

In all my builds my favorite tool from my toolbox is Elementor for WordPress. My clients are nonprofits or small businesses and entrepreneurs and it is always my goal to leave you with a website you are able to update yourself and feel in control of. And Elementor allows me to do just that. Plus, I always provide training so that my clients don’t feel intimidated. 

What is Elementor

Elementor is a pagebuilder meaning you don’t have to know code to make changes to your site. It allows the end user to essentially point and click or drag and drop to make updates. It really is that easy. BUT it also allows me, as the designer, to make a beautiful and interactive website with all the bells and whistles.

Endless designs

You can build absolutely anything with Elementor, the possibilities are endless. From the number of columns, changing text fonts, overlays of buttons, padding on pages, videos, images, you name it you can change it. All you need to do is to have a design in mind and make it happen. That’s my speciality. During our project strategy call we discuss your business goals and brand vision and from there I am able to come up with a design that is not only beautiful but also strategically designed to convert those visitors into clients and donors.

Real-time preview

It can be frustrating when you are working on your website and can only see how it looks once you publish it. It’s like working blindfolded. But with Elementor you get instant results and can see your page as you build in a live preview. This makes building and updating your site so much more efficient.

Responsive editing

Mobile is critical these days with more than 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices. And with Google ‘mobile-first’ indexing, meaning non mobile optimized websites drop in rank, it is more important than ever that your website works well on all screen sizes. Elementor allows you to preview your website on all screen sizes and edit your site specifically for each. I always tend to hide a lot of “fluff” in the mobile versions as users mostly want to get what they need and take action versus the desktop design which is more about the aesthetics.

It has everything you need

When building it Elementor there’s no need for tons of additional plugins. It is the one platform with everything you need. It offers many tools and design features for free. And my clients get access to the Pro version while working together which opens up many additional options for us.

It’s scalable

Elementor is not just a page builder, but also a theme designer and is scalable. What this means is that you can easily add new features and adapt your website as the business grows.

For instance, perhaps you’re a solopreneur offering consulting services and just needed a simple, 5 page brochure site to sell those services. As you start working with clients the demand increases and you decide to add a team and also offer an online course. Previously, you’d most likely need to add on haphazardly to your current website or even possibly need a full redesign. Expensive!!

But now, with Elementor, that’s not the case. Elementor has so many website features plus there are hundreds of plugins you can use. So adding features like a course is not a problem. And Elementor being so easy to edit, you could do a quick redesign that includes these new features. Something a designer could accomplish in a day. Something like my “book me for a day” service!

Having your website built with Elementor means your website can pivot and scale to match your business as it grows!

Integrations (my favorite term)

As you know, I’m a huge fan of email marketing and believe every website needs an irresistible freebie. Your website is not only designed to showcase your impact and services but to also get people onto your email list. Your email list allows you to continue the conversation beyond just your website and to build your know, like, and trust factor.

You want to capture contact details from your website and in the past it’s been harder for smaller websites. But with Elementor, that’s not the case. It has a ton of built in tools including a form builder, popup builder and integration with email marketing and CRM software.

Even a non-techy can build a contact form with Elementor or create a popup. And they integrate with MailerLite, Mailchimp, salesforce, or any CRM you may use. Elementor empowers small businesses, solopreneurs and nonprofits to use marketing tactics without the crazy price-tag. You can grow your business and market your business easily and inexpensively.


In Conclusion

When you are serious about getting a new website, I encourage you to think about Elementor. It allows your designer to make a beautiful and interactive website with all the bells and whistles but then empowers you, the end user, to really take control of your website with drag and drop updates. Not only is it a super easy page builder to use, but it will also save you money and make it simple to scale your website while you grow your business.

If you’re ready to get started with Elementor, let’s chat. I’d love to help.

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