The 3 Systems I Can’t Live Without

Let’s chat about some of my favorite tools. These are the systems I use to run my business and without them, I’d be absolutely lost.

Let’s chat about some of my favorite tools. These are the systems I use to run my business and without them, I’d be absolutely lost.

Project Management

The first is Asana. This is my go-to. Everything in my life (work and personal) is organized here. Each week when I plan my day I can drag and drop my tasks into order, set them as recurring, and delegate as needed. All my client work is run through Asana as well. I add clients to projects, assign tasks to them, share files and credentials, and get design approvals. You name it, I manage it here. 

I also plan all my social content within Asana. I have a board for content creation and there I craft and schedule all of my social posts. I assign them to myself with a date and then when that task is due I post live. Yes, I know there are tons of auto schedulers that are available. However, I find that it’s best if I post live so I can engage with the comments shortly after posting. 

On the personal side in Asana, I run my family business here such as holiday meal plans, decorating plans, checklists, home maintenance tasks, meal plans and even gifting ideas. My Asana control center is essentially my lifeline. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use project management system, I highly recommend Asana. 

Client Management Software

Next up, HoneyBook. And I love this one as well. This is how I manage my client relationships and where I schedule discovery calls, submit proposals, sign contracts, accept payments, process invoices and communicate with clients.

I can also organize all my workflows and automate where possible. Plus you are able to add your branding to everything. So for example, my contact form is fully customized to match my look and feel plus asks all the important questions I need to know before jumping into the first call with you. 

And finally, my other favorite place to look is my Honeybook control center where it shows the pipeline with all of my active projects and which stage of the process they are with me. That way I know who to follow up with and when. 

Plus Honeybook integrates with other software such as Quickbooks, where I do all of my accounting. There are a bunch of client management options out there but I find Honeybook the easiest to use and the most intuitive. 

Cloud Storage

Google drive is the final tool that I couldn’t live without. I store all files for myself and my clients right here. You can save your files in any format you want and when working in the file Google Drive automatically saves your work as you go. I love that all of my work is accessible from anywhere (aka the cloud) and that if there is an emergency I can also access the files from my phone. 

The best part is that multiple people can work in a file and the changes are saved. No more emailing document versions back and forth. Share the link once and voila you’re good to go. And of course, it’s free with your Gmail. 

And there you have it. The 3 systems I can’t live without. I want to know, what are some of your favorite systems to run your business?

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